My name is Jason Daniel Mechura aka Jason Daniels. I'm a strong-willed entrepreneur and Music Production Artist. Born December 23rd 1983 in Houston, TX I was the 3rd child in the family. Moved to North TX when I was 2 years of age where I lived for 26 years. Now, I'm in Orange County, CA where I've lived over 2.

I began developing my strong passion for music at a young age. One of my largest inspirations is my grandfather, Daniel James Mechura. Grandpa Mechura owned an independent record label, Allstar Record Co. "The earliest known record on Allstar dates from 1953; further releases came out over 1956-57. Allstar was relatively prolific from that point on, racking up an impressive discography of over 150 singles (not counting subsidiaries)." - From American Song and Poem Archives.

Daniel James Mechura passed away April 11th, 2003. R. I. P.

I will always think of my grandfather progressing with music.

Through the years I have performed vocals, played drums, piano and guitar. In my first band "Spectrum", I joined together with my brother Brian to form an alternative rock band I would play bass for. Spectrum was kind of the foundation of my music career. Brian and I continued performing at local nightly hangouts for the next year and developed a demo compilation gaining more recognition from friends and fans. Soon after, with a change in band members we decided to form a metal band "Contortion". I played drums for Contortion and that was a fuckin rush... I continued drumming with Contortion for a couple years when all the band members decided to go thier separate ways.

Striving to keep up with my passion for music I decided to do my own thing. Moving forward to become a solo artist has really broadened my perception of music and has allowed me to go in the direction I want with it all. Some of the music I've released are songs like "Supernova", "Come Be Mine", and "Fire It Up". The songs mean a lot to me and when they do for others it signifies more. My goal is to take all that has inspired me in addition to my own passions and deliver what is all in all my own sound. I love hearing when I inspire people.